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Ted Howard, Engineer

I’ve enjoyed working with Simon over the last few years on a number of EP and album projects.

My role for these gigs is primarily as a mix and mastering engineer. Simon does the recording himself and brings me the completed project in multi-track file format.

What stands out for me about Simon’s work is how professional and well organized it always is. All the  sounds are great and his attention to detail is amazing.  That means we spend less time fixing and more time mixing!

Adam Harvey, Artist

“I have worked with Simon now for over 10 years and recorded many songs and radio ads in his studio. I always enjoy working with Simon and he always delivers a top quality product for a very reasonable price. I also find Simon’s vast knowledge of music, and the music industry very helpful. I would highly recommend Simon Johnson and his studio to anyone!”

Mike Carr, singer/songwriter

“Simon Johnson is one of Australian country music’s most admired producers. In the past few years the quality of work coming out of “Hillbilly Hut” is unsurpassed. Simon offers not only a very professional approach to the recording process but also creates a wonderfully relaxed environment most important during the creative process. I would recommend Simon and Hillbilly Hut to anyone for whatever project.”

Buddy Goode, Artist

“It has been my great pleasure to work with Simon Johnson at “Hillbilly Hut” on my two Australian albums. What an atmosphere to be creative…so much so both albums have enjoyed success way beyond all my dreams. My second album “The One and Only Buddy Goode’ was recorded and mixed in 2 weeks and was nominated for an Aria in 2011….say no more. The man is a genius…and makes great coffee too!”

Amber Lawrence, Artist

“Simon Johnson is a fantastic musician, who not only works with the top artists in Australia, but is one of the few Australian country musicians who work on developing and helping new and up and coming talent. I have had the privilege of working with Simon for over 7 years now, and I have leaned on him for music industry advice and music arrangement advice over the years. As a producer, he is one of the best in the country music industry…and it’s so fantastic to see the amazing production work he has done, not only for so much of the new talent in this industry, but also with established artists. Simon Johnson knows country music, and is an absolute asset to this industry!”

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